General Guidelines for the scholarship plan for the academic year 2024/2025

The scholarship policy aims to increase the number and percentage of individuals obtaining diplomas, bachelor's degrees, and postgraduate studies in various fields, enhancing indicators related to the knowledge economy.

The new scholarship policy is based on four important principles, influencing the identification of target categories, available pathways, incentives provided to scholarship recipients, and reflected in quality, diversity, excellence, commitment, and indicator improvement. This policy aligns with the pillars of the national vision and strategic goals of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education:

  • Economic growth : Investing in education through scholarships contributes to economic growth by supporting students in gaining knowledge and developing skills crucial for innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development.

  • Equal opportunities : By bridging the financial gap, the Ministry aims to provide deserving students, regardless of their financial background, with high-quality education. This promotes social justice and equality in accessing quality education, fostering a more cohesive society, where opportunities are not limited by social and economic status.

  • Diversity and inclusion : Government scholarships contribute to diversity and inclusion in higher education, evident in targeted categories, available pathways, and incentives, both material and non-material. New pathways for scholarships support inclusion and diversity.

  • Talent development : New scholarship pathways identify and nurture talented individuals within targeted categories based on their creative abilities and skills. This helps address skill gaps in specific fields, ensuring a skilled workforce for the future in line with national development goals, encouraging innovation, research, and contribution to society.

Government Scholarship Program

Government Scholarships include (3) three basic programs that aim at maximizing the efficiency of human capital and the quality of learning outcomes through the implementation of the Scholarship plans.

Government Scholarships Abroad Pathways

Key features of the new scholarship plan

  • University selection criteria: Developing criteria for selecting universities for scholarships to ensure the quality of education acquired by scholarship recipients in various disciplines.

  • Scholarship pathways: Adding pathways and programs enabling students to pursue professional, creative, and sports-based disciplines focusing on skills and talents.

  • Disciplines: Opening doors for enrollment in all disciplines abroad, which were previously limited to domestic scholarships, including the education and professional diploma path.

  • Privileges: Encouraging students to enroll in essential disciplines such as medicine and top-ranked universities by improving financial benefits and material incentives.

  • Procedures: Enhancing the sense of responsibility among students by regulating timeframes to reduce leniency in completing the sponsored program and improving academic monitoring procedures.

Government scholarship regulations

Allowances for the Amiri Universities Program

  • Q.R 8,000 monthly: basic scholarship stipend.

  • Q.R 12,000: monthly travel allowance.

  • Two business class tickets annually for the student on scholarship.

  • Calculating study years as part of years in service.

  • Q.R 40,000: Pre-departure preparation, issued once.

Allowances for scholarship in medicine abroad

  • Q.R 8,000 monthly: basic scholarship stipend (year 1 – year 4).

  • Q.R 10,000 monthly stipend including travel allowance (year 1 – year 4).

  • Two economy class tickets annually (year 1 – year 4).

  • Q.R 30,000: gross salary (year 5 and above).

  • Two business class tickets for the student on scholarship (year 5 and above).

  • Calculating year 5 and above as part of years in service.

  • Q.R 30,000: Pre-departure preparation, issued once.

Allowances for scholarship programs abroad

  • Q.R 8,000 monthly: basic scholarship stipend

  • Q.R 6,000: monthly allowance as a travel allowance.

  • An economy class ticket annually

  • Q.R 25,000: Pre-departure preparation, issued once.

Allowances for in-country scholarship programs

  • Allowance 1: Q.R 10,000 monthly for medical and educational for disciplines.

  • Allowance 2: Q.R 8,000 monthly for engineering and computer science disciplines.

  • Allowance 3: Q.R 6,000 monthly for disciplines in applied and health sciences and arts.

  • Allowance 4: Q.R 4,000 monthly for professional diploma disciplines.

Allowances for Tumouh Program (Boys):

  • Job placement at Job Grade 9.

  • Counting the period of study as part of years in service.

  • Issue a monthly stipend of QR 10,000.

Registration open from

15/6/2024 to 15/8/2024